BABG-03 Anti-Battle Federation Cat Pack VS Anti Battle Federation Naked Gebard 3


The direct confrontation between the two who became the trigger for the division is a revenge match for the title fight from one year ago!!
Will the civil war be put to an end by a one-on-one battle between the two leaders!?

It’s a direct confrontation between Cat Pack and Naked, the leaders of the militant faction, as they compete to determine the ultimate big-breasted queen in an intense and erotic fight between two types of busty women. Everything began with the conflict between these two leaders… Will the internal conflict be resolved through their duel!?

In June 2016, Mariya Wakatsuki joined the Anti-Battle Federation immediately after winning the Extreme Championship. In July, her first defense was against the Anti-Battle Federation leader, Miku Abe. The purpose was to proclaim, “The championship belongs to the Anti-Battle Federation.” However, this became the beginning of the Anti-Battle Federation’s calamity. After Wakatsuki defeated Abe and defended her belt, she persistently punished Abe and demanded to be made a leader as well. Even though she was a newcomer, Wakatsuki became the third leader of the Anti-Battle Federation. Gradually, many rebelled against Wakatsuki’s cruel and arrogant behavior, and Abe and Ami Kusai formed a faction called “Naked” with the aim of being “Anti-Wakatsuki.” The members of Naked would go topless as a “symbol of unity and solidarity,” but Abe honestly did not like this rule that Kusai had decided in her heart. On the other hand, Mariya Wakatsuki, who was targeted, could not just let it go and also formed a militant group called “Cat Pack.” And so, the Anti-Battle Federation split into two factions and an internal power struggle erupted into a bloody conflict! So far, the powerhouse Cat Pack has been on a winning streak, but finally, the two leaders of the factions will have a showdown! Will they be able to put an end to the civil war in the Anti-Battle Federation through this direct confrontation?

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