BTP-07 Natsumi Mori’s Topless mix pro-wrestling


A beautiful girl topless fighter who voluntarily took off her top and climbed into the battle ring!
A Lolita-style beauty shakes her well-formed breasts in a MIX fight!

She participates in the battle topless! Natsumi Mori fights with her beautiful, bouncing breasts!
Many women have fought topless in MIX wrestling, either forced to do so or as a condition to obtain a ticket to glory. But this time, the fighter is different! Natsumi Mori, a pure topless fighter, chose to wear topless as her costume, even as a newcomer! Without hesitation, she throws herself into her first MIX match, shaking her beautiful breasts with a fighting spirit and challenging the male wrestlers. She presses her breasts against her opponent to suffocate him and flashes a charming smile with her still-childlike face. However, her opponent is a male wrestler who has defeated many topless female wrestlers with his intense power moves and forced splits. Can Natsumi Mori maintain her fighting spirit and claim victory against his onslaught?

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