BXT-11 Fierce Fighting Special MIX Men’s and Women’s Mixed Tag Match Nagisa Mitsuki & YUE Group vs Male Wrestler Group


Intense professional wrestling match between a top-tier girls’ team and a boys’ team!

The strongest tag team with solid skills, Nagisa Mitsuki and YUE, face off against a team of muscular male wrestlers!! The beautiful girl team fearlessly fights against the boys, regardless of the difference in class! The four intense battles produce two outcomes that split time and space!! Everything is worth watching! No blinking allowed!!

The strongest girls’ tag team
challenges the tough male wrestlers!!
Despite the physical difference, Nagisa Mitsuki and YUE fight against the masked men with their accumulated experience and overwhelming combat sense. Can they break through the wall of the muscular men…!?

The winner changes in an IF scenario!?
Using their sharp skills, speed, and abundant sense, the two fight back, but they still struggle due to the difference in natural strength… However, at a certain point, the fate of everyone diverges…!!

Will the two be met with the taste of victory
or a complete and utter defeat!! …Both!?
The AB two patterns of the match’s development are included!! You can witness both victory and defeat scenes with this super great deal!!

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