IBB-04 Infinite Bikini Boxing 04


★ Main video: 40 minutes + Bonus content: 30 minutes
★ The content of the bonus content is a different angle editing version.
The main video is composed of footage taken with four cameras and edited together, but
this different angle version is a newly edited version that combines unused camera footage from the editing process.
It is not bad footage just because it was not used in the main video, and this version also contains enough content to enjoy the fierce battle between the two.

Realistic boxing fights that have evolved even further!!
A heated battle unfolds with overwhelming quality in a fistfight match!
An aggressive and fierce exchange of blows where neither side backs down!!

Ichinose Sara shows overwhelming strength with her footwork, speed, and technique.
However, Suzune Anju stands up to the formidable opponent without flinching!
She counters with her stamina, resilience, and heavy punches even while receiving Ichinose’s powerful punches!
While exhausting each other’s energy in an intense fight, the two continue their fierce brawl with only their fighting instinct and pride…!!

Players: Suzune Anju / Ichinose Sara

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