KDSS-05 New mixed gender syncope man win 5


A "torment" match where a man wins against a woman in a battle!!! Two matches focused on the supreme mission of bringing their opponents down!

Match 1 - Satomi Honda:
Satomi Honda, with her delicate figure, looks weak at first glance. She seems to have suffered a lot in the past, as her reaction to being tortured is so intense that it almost seems addictive. Fans of intense eye-rolling will definitely want to see this.

Match 2 - Alice Oto:
Alice Oto is a formidable fighter in the lesbian wrestling scene, but she has yet to achieve any significant results against male opponents. In this match, she is quickly pinned down by a burly male wrestler and left to suffer and moan in agony while drooling...

Despite facing an overwhelming disadvantage, the female athletes in "Mixed Gender Fainting Matches: Men Win" foolishly challenge male wrestlers to battle, only to be quickly subdued and have their consciousness forcibly taken away. In this series, the burly male wrestlers use every means at their disposal to strangle their female opponents, with the ultimate goal of making them faint. Watch as they struggle and their faces go blank in agony.

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