B-1TM-22 B-1 Tournament Fourth First Round first game


B-1 Tournament FOURTH Begins! Kick Out the Other 7 and Aim for the Top!!

The Fourth tournament of the beautiful and noble “B-1 Tournament”, featuring only the hottest players of the moment, has begun! Panther Risako won the championship in the previous tournament and earned the glory and honor of the historic B-1 belt. Who will follow in her footsteps and claim the belt this time? Compete with all your might for the throne of the new queen of BATTLE!

Serina Yui
T:153 B:86 W:59 H:85
Serina Yui is a rookie player who seems a bit reserved in her pre-match interview, but her true strength is unknown until the game starts! Expect an unexpected and energetic match from this newcomer, rather than relying on experience alone! How effective will her joint techniques be against Maijima?

Maijima Tamaki
T:152 B:94 W:65 H:94
Maijima was fired up by Serina’s comment that they are almost equal, and she is eager to win the game! Does her experience in gymnastics make her more agile than Serina? There is a possibility that she could be tripped up by her own overconfidence, and the outcome of the game is unpredictable! Can she perform a cool finishing move as she claims?

Both want to win their first match and build momentum! Who will emerge victorious in the opening match of B-1 Tournament 4th?

Although it is a battle between rookies, don’t underestimate them! The match is fast-paced and full of surprises! Although they are both essentially newcomers, they demonstrate a worthy match for the B-1 name!

In the early stages, Maijima seemed to be the dominant player, but Serina fought back with joint techniques, trying to exhaust her opponent and aim for a submission or K.O. victory! This battle is also a test of their concentration and physical endurance, as it constantly changes and requires their utmost effort! Who will be the ultimate winner?

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