B-1TM-24 B-1 Tournament Fourth First Round third game


Height difference of 15cm!! Soft overcomes hard!!
The B-1 Tournament FOURTH has begun!! Kick out the other 7 and aim for the top!!

The fourth tournament for even greater upgrades!!
The beautiful and noble "B-1 Tournament" is now in its fourth year, featuring only the most promising players of the moment!! In the last tournament, Panther Risako emerged as the victor and claimed the championship!! The winner of this tournament will also have the right to wear the B-1 Belt!! Who will be the next to hold this historic belt, a symbol of honor and pride, after Panther!? Fight with all your might for the throne of BATTLE's new queen!!
Aim for the title of the strongest B-1 queen!!

A clash of attacks and defenses due to differences in physique!! Who will come out on top!?
Crunching limbs!! Twisted expressions!! Endure the pain and advance to the next battle!!
Sawaki overwhelms Kanda with his overwhelming power, using his height advantage to crush him!! However, Kanda cannot afford to back down now!! He relentlessly targets Sawaki's joints and inflicts damage!! Will he force Sawaki to submit to his signature V-Cross, or will he unveil a new technique!? Sawaki, on the other hand, tries to bring Kanda down with a suffocating attack!! Will he succeed in knocking him out with this strategy!? Don't miss the outcome of this battle!!

Their respective signature moves explode!! Who will come out on top!?

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