B-1TM-27 B-1 Tournament Fourth, Semi-Final Round Second Match


Semifinal Final Battle!! Who will advance to the final!?

Win again for the pleasure and honor!! The battle is fierce!!
Face your opponent with your best techniques!! The one who wins in the end is yourself!!
Kanda had a good start, but in no time, he was taken over by Aizuki and trapped in one joint technique after another, starting with the Octopus Hold!! Aizuki urges him to give up, and it seemed that Kanda was about to lose in this situation. However, he made a comeback from a slight opening!! Aizuki screams in pain and agony, but Kanda attacks relentlessly at this moment. The offense and defense change rapidly, and the winner will be decided when either side gives up due to exhaustion!!

B-1 Tournament Fourth opening!! Crush the other 7 and aim for the top!!
The fourth edition of the beautiful and noble "B-1 Tournament," played only by the current popular players, is now open!! In the last edition, Panther Risako won and obtained the crown!! The one who wins this tournament this time will also have the qualification to wear the B-1 belt!! Who will follow Panther and obtain the historic belt that is the symbol of honor and pride!? Fight with all your might for the throne of the new queen of the BATTLE!!
Aim for the strongest proof of the battle, the B-1 Queen!!

If you win here, you'll make it to the final!! You absolutely cannot lose!!

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