B-1TM-5 B-1 Tournament Semifinal 1st Match


Believe in your own beliefs and strength, and seize victory with your own hands!! The final match is invalid!? An eventful start!! The full summary of the memorable B-1 opening, featuring a total of 8 matches and 11 players in heated battles!!

Women fight with all their might over a single championship title... Battle Original presents the first B-1 tournament in one deliciously compiled digest! It includes all 8 matches, with the last match fully recorded!

The B-1 tournament is finally here in a compiled summary! Will players forfeit the game? Will there be an attack from another manufacturer in the final match? This first-ever B-1 tournament is full of surprises!

Is it a personal decision? Or is it an assassin from SSS? "Hidaka Yuria," the winner of the 2nd SSSGP, suddenly attacks the B-1 final match!! The last match is fully recorded from the start of the game to the end of the decision.

[Recorded Matches]

B-1TM-1 "B-1 Tournament 1st Match"
The commemorative opening match is between the Lolita-style idol wrestler Takashima Chizuru and the older sister-style wrestler Yamada Namie. Takashima's anger explodes when Yamada ridicules her!

B-1TM-2 "B-1 Tournament 2nd Match"
The second match is a fight between the gyaru wrestler Takashima Nene and the beautiful busty wrestler Konmi Yuuka. The outcome of the battle between these two hateful women is...

B-1TM-3 "B-1 Tournament 3rd Match"
A showdown between the slender beauty wrestler Atsumi Ion and the pheromone-like older sister wrestler Natsuki Anna. Which of them will come out on top in the finishing technique showdown!?

B-1TM-4 "B-1 Tournament 4th Match"
The fourth match is a mismatched battle between the tall and aggressive wrestler Hanaoka Mizuki and the elegant lady wrestler Kitagawa Aika. Who will take the last seat in the Best 4!?

B-1TM-5 "B-1 Tournament Semi-final Match 1"
Entering the semi-finals!! The first match is between Takashima Chizuru and Konmi Yuuka, who both have similar Lolita-style busty characters. They have both experienced a hard-fought victory in the first round, and their abilities are equally matched!?

B-1TM-6 "B-1 Tournament Reserve Match"
An accident occurs!! In an emergency situation where Hanaoka forfeits, a reserve match is quickly arranged for the last seat in the Best 4!! Sugio Nozomi and Nakai Chiharu collide in a fierce battle!!

B-1TM-7 "B-1 Tournament Semi-final Match 2"
Nakai Chiharu, who won the reserve match, clashes with Atsumi Ion!! While Atsumi struggles with Nakai's pro wrestling techniques, she corners Nakai with her favorite joint techniques!!

-SWA-05 "SSSGP 2nd Season SSS CHRONICLES WAR Vol.05 (only the first match)"
Yuria Hidaka from SSS invades the sacred ring!! She immediately defeats the other finalist, "Konmi Yuuka," and...

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