BECT-07 BATTLE Extreme Tournament Final game


Tragic Heroine vs. Genius Girl - Who will reach the pinnacle of Extreme!?

The Extreme Tournament has finally come to a close!! Shooting Star Rock vs. Tsugumi Rock. Can they withstand their opponent's techniques!?
After numerous battles, the second Extreme Championship Tournament is finally reaching its finale with the final match between two fighters: Nohara Hikari and Mutou Tsugumi. Hikari was supposed to fight her archenemy Ayazuki Miho in the semi-finals, but the "Dark Attack" incident by Koishi Ann occurred, and the semi-finals were fought between Hikari and Koishi. Hikari overcame the odds and won by a reversal. Mutou Tsugumi fought her rival Maori Mai in the semi-finals, a super rookie showdown. After an intense battle of equal strength, Mutou emerged victorious.

After the finalists were determined, despite suffering a terrible defeat before, they challenge male fighters to a match. They fall into a great pinch when they are beaten by the male team, but a mysterious masked fighter named "The Great Tsugu" appears to save Hikari. Although everyone could see that the Great Tsugu was Mutou Tsugumi, the two teamed up and won against the male team. Shortly after, Hikari challenged Mutou to an unofficial match before the final showdown. After the prelude to their match, Hikari left the ring, leaving Mutou alone. The male fighters attacked Mutou, but her screams for help did not reach Hikari. Now, it's finally the day for the two to have a direct confrontation in the final match, with the championship on the line! Hikari, who has suffered tragedy, hardships, and a series of misfortunes, and Mutou Tsugumi, who has a carefree and cheerful personality. This final match will showcase two completely contrasting fighters.
While Hikari was unable to show her true strength and easily gave up in her debut match, she entered this tournament with a fierce determination to win and became physically and mentally tough, withstanding blows and getting up multiple times with a zombie-like stamina, showcasing her fighter's beauty by winning with her signature move, the Shooting Star Rock.
On the other hand, Mutou uses her tremendous striking skills, despite her childish appearance, and...

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