BECT-09 BATTLE Extreme Tournament First round Second game


Who is worthy of challenging for the Extreme Championship title!? Seeking a strong yet unseen challenger!!

A sexy costume sadistic fighter showdown!! Who is really the sexiest and most vicious!?
The 2015 Extreme Tournament, where the championship challenge is at stake, has begun! Who will challenge Tsugumi Mutoh, the current belt holder? In the first match of the first round, Nanae Hoshino, who has transitioned from a rookie candidate to topless, faced off against the new heel, Nanae Shirasaki, who is expected to be the next big thing.
In the second match, Maria Wakatsuki, a loli sexy fighter who has previously defeated Ayaka Saena, appeared. She is a dominant and talkative fighter who is even more cruel than Saena and is expected to succeed Miyazaki Yuma. She shows us fights that we couldn't imagine from her innocent smile. She wears the erotic costume that she wore in the Saena fight and also entertains us with her sexiness. Her opponent was Yui Kono, a slightly older and sexy sister who exudes pheromones. She also wears a sexy costume that delights us! She defeated male opponents in a MIX match before, using her sexy tactics and powerful moves. She is not just sexy but also a talented wrestler. The match between these two cruel and sexy fighters who wear sexy costumes will be a showdown of similar styles. Who is better in verbal combat, Wakatsuki or Kono in sexiness!? However, the outcome of the fight will not be determined by verbal combat or sexiness alone! Who will have the upper hand in a professional wrestling match!? What kind of match will these two have? All we can say is that these two, who cannot tolerate character overlap, are bound to crush each other! The devilish loli-faced Wakatsuki Maria vs. the pheromone exuding adult queen Kono Yui. Who will come out on top!?

No one can have the same character as me, a sexy and sadistic wrestler!!
The insane loli-faced Wakatsuki Maria vs. the pheromone exuding older sister Kono Yui. Who will survive!?

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