BSWP-01 Sadistic Women’s Wrestling 01


Conquer the man after a fierce battle!!

Training a supposedly strong man in professional wrestling!?

A beautiful female wrestler awakens and surpasses the man in strength, training him with her techniques and words!! In the first match, Alice Toyonaka, a popular and talented female wrestler, faces off against a male wrestler!! Although she is initially overwhelmed by her opponent, she uses her polished techniques to force him to give up!! But that’s not all, as she trains her defeated opponent with professional wrestling moves, sticking her plump body close to his and using the words of a beautiful girl who has awakened to S&M, causing the male wrestler, who was once confident, to mentally and physically surrender!?

The current three-time champion of FGI overwhelms the male wrestler!! She uses a number of humiliating techniques to make him surrender!!
In the second match, Ako Momona, who combines beauty and style with the strength of the current three-time champion of FGI, defeats a male wrestler who attacks her with the intention of training her. She teaches him the difference in their positions by using suffocation attacks with her proud buttocks and the Paradise Lock, which demonstrates their difference in strength!! She then trains the defeated male wrestler as a loser in the ring, who has learned to enjoy being tortured and has completely surrendered to the beautiful female wrestler!!

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