FGWM-01 Fighting Girls International Mix Fight Otokochiri Vol.01


A mixed wrestling match where men and women compete against each other, and women struggle in vain and are defeated by men, has appeared! This video work features two matches of talented beautiful women being trampled upon!

The mix-fight of a group that inherits the Fighting Girls’ will is filled with a live feeling! Both sides attack each other, but women are still dominated by men in this humiliating mixed-gender battle!

In the first match, the big-breasted beauty Nanaha, who has steadily climbed the ladder to the top regardless of gender, clashes with a male wrestler! In the early stages, she engages in a back-and-forth battle without losing to the male wrestler’s strength! Although she shows a fierce attack that makes it seem like she might win, her stamina cannot keep up with the male wrestler, and he gradually takes control, leaving her to be defeated! She continues to make an anguished expression throughout the match!

In the second match, the legendary player Akane Momona challenges her first mixed fight since her comeback! She takes the lead and advances advantageously, but as she receives a counterattack, her pace begins to crumble, as the match with a man is different from what she is used to. However, she persists in attacking the male wrestler, but eventually falls to the man’s unlimited stamina! She is helplessly subjected to an onslaught of techniques!

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