BCMC-02 Custom match CATFIGHT 02


Make your own martial arts world a reality with custom order!

This work differs entirely from the previous custom match series, which combined the specific requests of customers for scenes, settings, and costumes into one production. Instead, this new approach allows customers to specify an entire match within a limited time frame, making it easier for individual fantasies to come to life. Of course, one match alone is not enough to be packaged as a complete product, so the production team will also create a new work with a similar concept to the customer's match. By combining the customer's unique preferences with a similar storyline, the product will be enhanced to a whole new level. Have you ever wanted to experience the same kind of fantasy as other fans? You might get hooked on this dream project!

Ran Nonomiya and Rin Kagura, two rookies, engage in a fierce and erotic battle with high-quality action that belies their rookie status! In the swimsuit-stripping deathmatch, the loser is stripped of their costume. Two types of ending scenes are available, which include both participants being humiliated. This is a great deal for customers who want to experience both endings!

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