BRVX-02 BATTLE revenge series THE BOXING 2


At BNX-06 "NEXT GENERATIONS FIGHT Vol.6", after suffering a defeat, Aihara vows to get revenge on Omori! This time, it's a boxing match!!

Lovely Pops members, Rina Omori and Reno Aihara, had an intense professional wrestling match in the battle ring, showing off their exceptional skills. Although they are close friends, one of them cruelly emerged as the winner and the other as the loser... Leader Rina Omori won, but the loser Aihara couldn't back down like this! Their rematch won't be in pro-wrestling but in a boxing match! They learn the basics of boxing with their trainer in one-on-one sessions and then the two engage in their revenge match! While still close friends in Lovely Pops, they mercilessly punch each other's bodies and faces with no mercy! The player who receives a barrage of punches falls down onto the ring. However, they can't afford to lose like this! They must stand up and continue the fight! Will Aihara get her revenge or will Omori strike back?

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