BTP-01 Nozomi Hazuki's Topless mix pro-wrestling


The Heart and Breasts that sway in the ring
Side story before participating in the Extreme Tournament
Hatsuki, a topless fighter and rising star of the battle. Participating in MIX fight!!

Hatsuki's side story before participating in the Extreme Tournament.
A fighter with an unfortunate destiny who fights topless to aim for a non-topless battle.
Due to an injury during training, Hatsuki was unable to participate in the Fresh Start Tournament. Her debut match, which was two months behind schedule, was a topless match... While her four fellow freshmen competed for the Rookie of the Year award and shone, Hatsuki, who should have been the number one in ability, was forced to fight topless... In addition, despite being an underdog in the topless match, Hatsuki could not use her full power due to embarrassment and was defeated by Natsuki Ami. A chance came to Hatsuki, who had tasted such humiliation. The currently ongoing Extreme Tournament is being held, and Natsuki Ami, who defeated Hatsuki, was scheduled to enter, but had to withdraw due to injury. Then, Hatsuki, whose ability was not inferior even though she was defeated by Natsuki, received an offer to participate. She cannot continue to be covered in shame forever... Hatsuki agrees to participate in the tournament. Although she is confirmed to participate in the tournament, Hatsuki is arranged to fight against a male opponent in a MIX fight before that. As a prelude to the tournament, the game against a male opponent will be a good experience. However, Hatsuki is surprised to learn that there is an implicit rule that "topless players must play topless unless they win at least once." There should not have been such a rule in the past, but it seems to have been decided when Kawanishi Ami fought Shinomiya Natsuko before. Wasn't once enough? Do they really have to fight topless? Hatsuki cannot hide her confusion. However, she cannot fall behind her fellow freshmen any longer. She decides to challenge the MIX fight against a male opponent as soon as possible in order to graduate from topless fighting...

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