BW-53 BWP NEXT06 box office


"The 6th BWP Satellite Event: a test of the group's present state.

Experience gained from matches and event appearances has been proven to directly contribute to strength through past battles. However, this means that players who debuted later will never catch up to the top fighters who debuted earlier. Therefore, a new stage is prepared, focusing on players with less experience in matches and event appearances. Here, they can train and climb the ladder to become a big shot.

This video records the BWPNEXT06 event, held on June 27, 2021 [SUN] at the Akihabara NAVI space.

Six goddesses overcame the difficulties caused by the schedule change and achieved success!

In August, the main event was switched to a tournament hosted by archrivals FGI, which was the greatest humiliation BWP had experienced since its inception. This video contains three important matches plus additional content, including the participation of FGI's new icon, Nozomi Arimura, in the clash between the dissatisfied revolutionary army and the regular army who wants to regain their former glory!"

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