BTB-02 Mix boxing Against 02


Video of a beautiful woman and an experiential boxing match? A mixed boxing work produced to fulfill the desire of fighting with a beautiful woman in first-person view! In the ring, there are the fighters, you, and a referee holding a camera, creating a highly realistic and immersive fight. The camera angles are designed to show both close-up shots of the action and wide shots of the entire ring.

Match 1: Miina Wakatsuki
She's a heavyweight beauty with a height of 170 cm and a bust that rivals that of a man. Her powerful punches and beautiful body are sure to captivate you in this high-quality fight!

Match 2: Hoshi no Hana
A slender and sporty beauty challenges you to a boxing match! The contrast between her provocative fighting style and her expressions when she's knocked down is irresistible! Who will win?

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