BW-19 BWP Battle World Pro Wrestling Vol. 19 BWPvs FGI Intensification of conflict


In a three-match rule, a passionate, strong, and intense battle is waged!
In order to protect the pride of their organization, these beauties step into the grueling ring!

FGI, which shows resistance to the current thriving industry of BWP, continues to fight on their own and gradually gains strength, beginning to invade multiple organizations. This time, they bring out the stable and skilled Hoshino. On the other hand, BWP chooses the petite and inexperienced babyface, Hasegawa, as their opponent. Angry at being matched with a seemingly weaker opponent, Hoshino steps up to face her arch-rival, Matt. For Hasegawa, this is a crucial match that she cannot afford to lose in a situation where she is underestimated.

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