BWM-08 BWP intergender man Winning Vol.08


Professional wrestling is a noble sport where one uses only their body to defeat their opponent and determine who is truly strong. In this battle, women have challenged men to a match on an equal playing field, regardless of gender. However, with no handicap in place, women are naturally overpowered and forced to suffer defeat at the hands of men. The expression of brave female warriors covered in humiliation is the ultimate beauty!

Witness the defeat of beautiful female wrestlers by you...!!

Match 1: YUE
The pinnacle of BWP has arrived!
The most powerful queen, recognized by everyone, awaits a cruel ordeal!
YUE, the current BWP champion who has supported the industry since her Fighting Girls days, possesses unparalleled looks and a talent-filled physique, evolving with every fight and becoming the absolute No. 01 fighter in terms of popularity! However, the trial that awaits her this time is a fully dominated match against a male opponent! Just when she thought the hell in the ring was over, she is brutally beaten in the dressing room after the match...!!!

Match 2: Ichigo Suzuya
The greatest air master in history!
A genius lucha dora succumbs to the power of men!!
Ichigo Suzuya, the greatest lucha dora who uses technical moves to fight and possesses a small and lightweight physique with a finely tuned physique and exceptional springiness, is the best in the business! However, even she is nothing but a baby in front of male wrestlers!! Her lightweight body becomes her downfall as she falls victim to the giant swing and special lifting stretches!! Furthermore, she suffers a brutal attack in the dressing room!

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