BX-21 BWP 3 holding commemoration special match lily Komine vs Hoshikawa Rin flower


BATTLE vs CF×FC: A fierce battle between special players! Without a doubt, it's a strong-style head-to-head battle!! These two slender and beautiful women fight with their emotions laid bare!! They both have strong feelings for their respective organizations and fans, and their passion for this match is significant. Their hearts are poured into the game, and they unleash intense attacks and defenses!! Kawasaki is inspired by Hoshikawa's refined strong style, and she counters with fierce moves, both draining each other's stamina!! Their fighting styles are perfectly matched, resulting in an amazing bout!! Tears flow at the end, with a humiliating outcome awaiting the loser!!

Miko Koizumi (Swirl)
The final big star has finally appeared on the BWP mat!! Miko Koizumi, the winner of the first CF×FC White Swimsuit Battle Royale and a symbol of the organization known as "Swirl," participates in a special match!! She usually fights differently from a strong-style, but as expected, the queen is different! She adapts to the BWP fight and puts on a fantastic show!! For this special edition, she wears a different color swimsuit than white.

Rinka Hoshikawa
The super heroine who renamed herself and powered up. In the previous work, she demonstrated a tremendous match against her junior, proving her worth and importance once again. This time, she competes in a special match against the CF×FC undefeated queen, Miko Koizumi, as the representative of BATTLE・BWP!! Not only does she have overwhelming visuals, but she has also learned intense throwing and complex joint techniques and further evolved!! The former B-1 champion is no joke!!

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