BXB-04 Sexy Costume Mix Battle volume.4


A female wrestler who is torn between her fighting spirit and shame!!

Enjoy a hot battle and sexiness at the same time!!

Forced to fight with a high-leg T-back after someone stole her costume!!

Depicting the struggles of a female wrestler who has no choice but to step into the ring in an extreme sexy costume!! Mizuki An and her ally "Abeno Miku" stepped onto the battle mat. Their first match, which was expected to be a breakthrough in BATTLE, was a tag match against two male players. Although they had the advantage, they suffered a reversal due to infighting and suffered a humiliating debut defeat. And Mizuki's next match was a MIX single match against a male player who was their tag match opponent. Just before the match, while Mizuki was showering, her ring costume, clothes, and underwear were stolen from her locker. In exchange, there was only one high-leg T-back costume... With nothing else to wear, Mizuki put on the T-back and a bathrobe over it, and headed to the ring. She decided that she would defeat her opponent while still wearing the bathrobe... However, when the gong rang, she was only able to suffer from a strangulation attack using the bathrobe. Eventually, her opponent took off her bathrobe, and Mizuki had no choice but to fight the match in a highly exposed sexy high-leg T-back costume. But now, she had to fight. She threw away her shame, switched her mindset, and faced the match with determination! Will she be able to overcome the humiliation of her tag match and win this match!?

Fight in an extremely sexy costume and struggle, An!! What will be the outcome of the fight!?

Enjoy a serious match with eroticism!! The sight of fighting in an almost too revealing outfit is sexy!! Mizuki An's slender model-like figure and beautiful breasts are her charms. Battle...

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