DRTU-03 Re Tokyo underground 03


The battles and activities of men and women in a secret club. A work compiling leaked footage has resurfaced.

Did you know there's a secret club in Tokyo? This sentence we happened to overhear ignited our investigative team's motivation. It's a phantom secret club in Tokyo that exists for the purpose of practicing combat sports such as pro wrestling and boxing. This organization is said to be composed of volunteer men and women who come together to participate in these activities. It's a unique place where members contribute funds and arrange matches with top opponents, and sometimes even compete against each other. Fortunately, we were able to successfully contact a man who has deep connections to this industry, and we obtained the rights to sell the footage of what was happening in that ring. Of course, it's only a portion of the individual recorded footage of his own battles that we were allowed to sell. It's truly underground...

Ceiling cameras capture the real fights!!
This device, often seen in mixed martial arts matches, is present in the secret club as well. As you might expect from this kind of place, they have cameras with various gimmicks. The prepared footage expresses the atmosphere of the event in a unique way, and you can even feel the breathing of the men and women...
This series, which was once popular, has been revived, and the first footage we obtained features a slender beauty and a tall, plump beauty together. Please take a look at the secret footage of the two contrasting women: one being a combative woman and the other being a tall, timid beauty...

It seems that there's a system in the secret club where you can personally take commemorative photos when fighting, and a male member who carefully collects the photos of beautiful fighters. The photo of a legitimate beautiful girl with a small face and a short haircut is vivid.

First leaked footage: Beautiful female fighter Airi
This beautiful girl with an unusual atmosphere is a skilled fighter and a seductive woman!! She engages in a fierce battle with a man...!

Second leaked footage: Fantasy beauty Yua
A beautiful girl with a short M cut, with distinct facial features and an impressive smile. Who would have thought she would be going in and out of this kind of secret club...! She shows an erotic and intense fight, with a single-minded determination to make men orgasm! Is it because it's a secret that it burns so fiercely?

The fusion of eroticism and violence is commonplace.

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