TPS-03 TOKYO Pro-wrestling No.3


The storm hits Han Pro Wrestling! King Gyukaku and Black Rodriguez Jr. depart! A new era begins.

Han Pro Wrestling, which had been engaged in a tag match with the White Lily Women's Wrestling, a long-standing rival, saw their aces, King Gyukaku and Black Rodriguez Jr., defend their pride and win a brilliant victory. However, as Gyukaku headed towards the dressing room, he stumbled upon Rodriguez Jr. and the White Lily wrestler Zebra Cat engaged in an affair. Enraged at the fact that the White Lily wrestler, with whom they were in opposition, was in a romantic relationship with Rodriguez Jr., and that the previous match was fixed, Gyukaku demanded that the two have a serious match. And so, the two lovers collided in the ring...

As Gyukaku watched from ringside, the match began. Although Rodriguez Jr. said he would give it his all, his techniques lacked the sharpness of his words. Perhaps he had an unconscious resistance to hurting his lover, but in the end, he was defeated. Gyukaku then appeared and scolded Rodriguez Jr. His words roused Rodriguez Jr., who went back to his lover. And with his usual erotic technique, Rodriguez Jr. pressed on, causing Zebra Cat to moan uncontrollably.

After a brilliant victory, Rodriguez Jr. and his lover snuggled up together, but Gyukaku returned to the ring. Gyukaku coldly told Rodriguez Jr., who had lost even once to his lover, that "you need to go on a training journey." Although Rodriguez Jr. was shocked, he accepted the statement and left the ring with Zebra Cat, saying, "Let's train together and become stronger and surpass Gyukaku."

Gyukaku's training journey begins

After Rodriguez Jr. left, Gyukaku knew that he could not remain without going on a training journey himself, and entrusted his place to the secret students The Bear and R Machine No. 2 and set out. And the two entrusted with his place inherited the positions of Gyukaku and Rodriguez Jr. as aces and set out to face their next opponent.

The long-awaited opponent was White Lily's talented wrestler, Sanae Momoi. Although R Machine No. 2 entered the ring with plenty of spirit, he was overwhelmed by Momoi's overwhelming strength. Then The Bear launched a surprise attack on Momoi from behind, saving R Machine No. 2. Together, the two forced Momoi to submit.

However, Momoi was not satisfied with this and stormed into the waiting room of Han Pro, demanding another match, claiming the previous match was invalid. ...

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