BBWP-06 BWP Tournament Semifinal Second Match


The semi-finals of the tournament to determine the vacant BWP belt are underway! In the first match, Kouna Ai defeated the flexible Hanai Shizuku, while Maeno Nana advanced by defeating the small but bouncy Minazuki Hikaru. Both Kouna and Maeno are confident that they can win, as their fighting styles match up well with their opponents. As two of BWP's top fighters and babyfaces with similar career trajectories, they are determined not to lose this fight. This is a beautiful girl pro wrestling match where they will fight with pride to become a cut above the other excellent fighters in BWP and show their obsession with the belt!

In the second match, which is drawing attention as a must-see, Toyonaka and Nagano, both seasoned BWP fighters, engaged in an intense battle for the title. As two masters of the craft, they were both determined to win their first title here and went all out to defeat each other in a merciless fight. Toyonaka, who had suffered the humiliation of a defeat against Nagano in the past, had grown considerably and pushed Nagano to the limit. In a surprising twist, Nagano was rattled and lost control of the pace of the game. This is a high-level fight that surpasses their past encounters, and the question remains as to who will come out on top! The defeated fighter will suffer the humiliation of having their body and spirit crushed!

These beautiful women wrestlers in BWP have honed their skills, passion, and pride to bring us this fierce battle! Both fighters are highly skilled, with orthodox skills and their own favorite techniques. They have become the core of BWP, popular even in live fights, and grown together as essential members. They are now battling each other, using any means necessary to win and exhausting their bodies and souls in the process! Toyonaka, who will stop at nothing to win, slams Nagano outside the ring and uses her newly acquired Endless Bren Buster and ruthless Pile Driver to try to crush her opponent. Nagano is in dire straits! Will the favorite for the championship go down? These are the beautiful girls who have grown in BWP!

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