BCMM-08 Custom Match MIXED FIGHT 08


Bring your own martial arts world view to life with custom orders!

This project is a dream plan where personal fantasies can come true, as it allows customers to specify all aspects of a single match within a limited timeframe. This is a completely different approach from the Custom Match series, which combines various requests into one project. Of course, just one match is not enough to package into a complete product. Therefore, we will shoot a new work with a similar concept on the battle side, and combine it with the work that reflects the customer's personal preferences, making it even more powerful! Why not experience the same sensibility as your fellow fans? You might get hooked...

The strongest man who also appeared in the previous work appears again with a custom order! Oto Alice is trampled in the ring...but the fight doesn't end there! She continues to be humiliated with embarrassing moves and her costume is messed with, and her head is forced into the short tights of a male wrestler while receiving a powerful blow!!! This hopeless victory shows the stark difference between men and women in the most vivid way possible and is the best!

This is also a defeat with a domination development! Tsukasa Nagano continues to be attacked by a male wrestler and is completely defeated!! Afterward, she is taken to the dressing room and further humiliated! This is the highest quality losing scene of Nagano's past receiving scenes, and is a must-see for sadomasochism enthusiasts!

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