BCP-01 Celebrity Wrestling 1 Hitomi Otsuki


Could it be... Is this person really doing pro wrestling!? A popular actress who doesn't seem to have anything to do with wrestling in her usual life struggles with newly learned techniques!

Seeing a different side of you than what we usually see is so exciting! It's a special project where an actress, who everyone thinks would never try wrestling, challenges herself in the ring. The first volume features the best AV actress, Hibiki Otsuki! After hearing about her impressions of wrestling and her determination to try it, she receives a lecture on wrestling techniques. Then she faces off against a powerful male wrestler and easily defeats him. We carefully captured the scene of Hibiki-chan applying and receiving wrestling moves from a large man, as well as her expressions as she endures the pain and the erotic costumes she wears. Please watch and remember Hibiki-chan's cool and somewhat erotic appearance as she does her best!

After receiving proper instruction... it's time for the real match! Since she hasn't been taught how to counter moves, she's in a series of pinch situations! Will it all end here!?

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