BCP-04 Celebrity Wrestling 4 Kazuha Mizukawa


No one would have expected this actress, who seems unlikely to have any connection to professional wrestling, to take on the challenge of professional wrestling! The special fourth installment of the program that invites actresses everyone thinks could never appear in a professional wrestling show to give it a try features Kazuha Mizukawa, who has a beautiful body capable of playing both a student and a married woman. She has appeared in numerous works that only someone with a truly beautiful body could be in, and she has generously shown off her huge breasts and waistline. The work she has chosen next is none other than professional wrestling! Apparently, she wants to get revenge on someone through professional wrestling... She visited a mysterious masked teacher to receive instruction and learned professional wrestling well, and she had so much talent that she made the teacher faint during practice!? You won't want to miss Kazuha's scenes, including her brave fighting spirit and her struggling, contorted, and writhing face!

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