BDS-04 Battle Series of the Same School 4 Women's Sumo


Beautiful bodies collide erotically!!
A fierce battle between two beautiful female wrestlers!
An intense showdown! A sumo genre work featuring a match between members of the same dojo!

This work features a highly anticipated sumo match between two star athletes within the organization! As it's a match between members of the same dojo, neither can afford to lose!

In the fourth installment of the series, two beautiful girls with white, flawless skin face off: Mizushima, with a tight, attractive behind, and Seto, with a voluptuous and well-developed bust! The two tangle fiercely with each other, and as their heat rises, their match becomes more and more erotic, even leading to them passionately kissing each other!

After receiving training from their respective coaches and seriously practicing, they begin a private match between just the two of them!! Both have an intense fighting spirit and an emphasis on looks, leading to a collision of two beautiful wrestlers! The content is fierce yet erotic, showcasing the appeal of women's sumo. Their heavy breathing and colliding bodies will stimulate your senses!!!

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