BDV-05 The Duel of Divas 5 ~Duel of Fighting Women~


The showdown between two shorties who gave rise to the series' most intense battle!

At one point, Yuri Maezono and Yuri Aizawa, both 148cm short, formed a tag team and fought against a men's team. However, they suffered a humiliating defeat due to a friendly fire reversal... After the match, the two blamed each other, causing a rift between them... In order to settle this feud, Maezono and Aizawa decided to have a direct one-on-one match! The showdown between the two talented shorties became the best match in the series!

Though they are short, their skills are top-notch! A fierce battle between two sworn enemies who never back down!
Both girls are 148cm shorties, but don't underestimate them! Maezono previously defeated Yuna Honda, who was bigger than her. Although Aizawa is making her debut, she has great fighting spirit and is quite sadistic! They are the same height, but there is a difference in their bust sizes. Aizawa has large breasts, and it's clear that Maezono is jealous of them... In this match, the two showcase their signature moves over and over again! They hurl each other's bodies with brainbusters and power bombs! It's a feud between two equally skilled individuals! This match is the best in the series. What will be the outcome of this clash!?

A fierce battle between two bitter enemies!
The shorties throw each other with great force!

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