BECS-01 BATTLE Extreme Tournament Side Stories ~Tournament Collapse!? Targeted Fresh Star


Fresh star Hozuki Ni, who achieved her debut without a top, is in great danger! Hozuki withdraws from the semi-finals? The crisis of the tournament collapsing!! Hozuki is one of the players known as Fresh Stars, but unfortunately made her debut as a topless player. She saw her fellow Fresh Stars' brilliant performances and saw them as her archenemies. However, in the current Extreme Championship Tournament, she finally defeated one of her archenemies, Yui Kawagoe, and graduated from being a topless player. Now, she was waiting to face her main target and the 2014 newcomer champion, Mihoko Ayazuki, in the semi-finals. For Hozuki, defeating Ayazuki is the main goal of her tournament participation.

Two weeks before the semi-finals, Hozuki Ni had a mixed-sex match with a male player. That male player was a player with whom Hozuki had a grudge since she fought him before entering the tournament and was defeated despite being on the brink of victory. Before defeating the main dish, Ayazuki, Hozuki wanted to take revenge on this man first. Wearing her long-awaited one-piece ring costume, Hozuki showed fierce attacks from the start of the match, and was confident of her victory as she mastered her signature move, the Shooting Star Lock. incident occurred at that moment... A mysterious female player wearing a silver costume and a mask rushed in and attacked Hozuki, depriving her of her chance of victory. Hozuki confronted the mysterious woman, but she remained silent. Angry Hozuki attacked the mysterious masked woman, but was dodged and suffered a fierce counterattack. In a moment of distraction, the masked woman reversed the situation and mastered the Shooting Star Lock. Hozuki then removed the woman's mask, but what was her true identity?? Hozuki was then attacked by the male opponent and the mysterious woman, and sent to the hospital just before the semi-finals of the tournament! What is the mysterious woman's purpose? Can Hozuki overcome this crisis and the tournament collapsing? What is the true identity and motives of the masked woman who interrupted Hozuki's mixed-sex match? Enjoy watching Hozuki's torment as she is beaten up by the mysterious woman and the two of them together!

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