BEMR-01 Extreme & Masters W Title Match Version Red 1


Misa Suzumiya, the two-crown queen who no longer has any enemies, has shockingly transferred to Naked! As a result, the long-awaited showdown between the "Strongest Two of the Anti-Battle League" who were previously members of Cat Pack has finally come to fruition! And for this match, Misa Suzumiya has put up both of her belts, making it a W Title match! Yua Hidaka, the former Masters champion, has finally arrived at a chance to regain her throne! The apocalypse of the Anti-Battle League will finally begin!

The showdown between the two leaders of the Anti-Battle League, Cat Pack and Naked, is now essentially the top matchup, and the future of the league will be greatly altered by this match. If Suzumiya wins, will everyone in the league be forced to go topless? If Hidaka wins, will they become a fierce and spartan group? And what will happen to the throne? This is the century's greatest match, where two belts and the fate of the Anti-Battle League are at stake!!

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