BEXT-01 Extreme Extra Match Vol.1


A luxurious 3-round match where costumes change every round!!

The Anti-Battle Federation has been plunged into an internal struggle with no blood or tears shed. The leaders of the two factions, Wakatsuki Maria and Abe no Miku, had a direct confrontation where Abe no emerged victorious. However, this internal struggle did not end there. A more formidable enemy was waiting for Abe no, her name was Suzumi Misa. She was not only ferocious, but also a powerful wrestler with a stunning suplex technique. Despite having only fought one match, she was considered even more terrifying than Wakatsuki. However, Abe no was also a fierce combatant who was not averse to using illegal attacks. The two most dangerous and violent women of the moment are facing off! The second chapter of the internal struggle of the Anti-Battle Federation begins with a ruthless and merciless armed conflict!

A new chapter begins!! The internal struggle of the Anti-Battle Federation is not over yet...
Abe no Miku defeated Wakatsuki Maria. However, an even more terrifying enemy was waiting for her!
A storm of madness and illegal attacks is raging! A ruthless and merciless armed conflict with no blood or tears shed!!

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