BFT3-01 Fresh Start Tournament 2016 First Round Match 1


The passionate tournament of fresh fighters who have landed on the coveted BATTLE mat is here!! Burn into your memory the heroic figure of these rookies who are putting everything on the line to achieve their dreams!!

The BATTLE Fresh Start Tournament, which has become a gateway for newcomers to realize their dreams, will be held again in 2016. In last year's Fresh Start Tournament in 2015, the favorite to win, Nanami Hoshino, was defeated in the first round, leading to a tumultuous start. Among the talented newcomers, there was a modest and weak-looking Marienishi, who was considered to be at a significant disadvantage in terms of physical size, but she defeated the joint technique expert Riho Hirose after a fierce battle and dramatically won the tournament. Afterward, Marienishi expanded her activity range, including the Extreme Title Match and Fighting Girls, and her remarkable fighting record that one would not expect from a newcomer would help you understand how high the level of this tournament was. The 2016 BATTLE Fresh Start Tournament, which has gained even more attention not only from battle fans but also from various fields. The curtain will rise on the fierce battle of the four fresh fighters chosen from a larger number of entries than last year.

In the first match, the towering newcomer with extraordinary physical ability and body, Shio Egami, faced off against the petite Kaede Tachibana with high expectations. Given the overwhelming difference in size, Egami was expected to dominate the match. However, Tachibana had trained stoically to stand on the coveted battle mat and had toughened herself mentally and physically for this day. For Tachibana, this was not a match she could easily lose. She endured Egami's powerful blows and precise techniques, and even seized small opportunities to counterattack. Her superhuman physical ability and passion towards her dream were on display. Will Egami twist Tachibana down with her overwhelming power, or will Tachibana endure with her spirit and seize a chance to reverse the situation? Don't miss this passionate battle!!

Newcomer fighters who have landed on the coveted ring are putting everything on the line to achieve their dreams!! Which fighter will demonstrate the fruits of their rigorous training and grasp glory?

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