BHGN-06 New Masochistic Female Pro-Wrestling 06


Authentic pro wrestling fight!! The humiliation of having your swimsuit stripped off if you lose!!

In this fetishistic women's pro wrestling match, designed for fans who yearn for such fantasies, fighters engage in a real pro wrestling fight, with the loser ending up having their swimsuit taken off in the ring...!! Experience the fusion of seriousness and eroticism!!

It's a hard and erotic match, with a fusion of traditional fighting styles that use intense and seductive joint techniques and flashy big moves, and fetishistic elements where the loser has their swimsuit stripped off and gets verbally abused.

"There's no such thing as a disappointing match with her!!" A top athlete who always delivers fantastic performances, Aina Nagase. And as an FGI rookie, the beautiful and highly anticipated Haruka Minami is set to appear in the FGI01 event and take on Nagase in a fierce battle!!

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