BHI-09 Belly Punch Lovers' Banquet Vol.09


Welcome to our new Secret Live of the Abdominal Punch Secret Society. This is a place for maniacs, created by maniacs, where two carefully selected beauties are thoroughly attacked with abdominal punches and other belly attacks. Even if they beg for help, they will continue to be attacked and it will be a spectacle for maniacs to watch the pitiful sacrifices.

This is a dish for maniacs by abdominal punch maniacs.

My comrades, welcome to the new Abdominal Punch Secret Society Secret Live. Welcome to our live venue. We have changed our style and are now inviting you to a new frenzy. The chosen beauties for this live are women who look good with abdominal punches. There are two separate lives, and each one will have one of the beauties endure plenty of abdominal punches. We will continue to punch them continuously, draining their will to resist, hitting them on the side, front, and mainly focusing on their belly buttons. Witness how our fists dig into their soft, white bellies...This is a new and unadulterated dark live that only focuses on abdominal punches. It's a time that maniacs can't resist.

This is a new frontier for genuine abdominal punching works, where two beautiful women are thoroughly trained with abdominal punches.

Now, the No. 1 female warrior of BATTLE is here!!

Belly Punching Live:1
We have called upon the mighty Kanna Kamui, who has shaken the world of cats with her overwhelming strength. We attack her from behind and forcefully continue to punch her belly. The sight of her desperately enduring the punches with a dignified strength is a must-see for maniacs. Her figure being rendered helpless by the unjust attacks is a sight to behold!!

A superstar who combines strength and beauty is unilaterally beaten!!

Belly Punching Live:2
We assault Ayako Kanou, who is in the dressing room before the match, and beat her into the hell of abdominal punches. Her erotic voice full of pheromones, her white soft skin and body, and her wavering hair...enjoy watching her every moment of weakness, which can be said to be sensual! Witness the erotic and wild figure of the super pheromone fighter!!

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