BJRR-01 The Road to Female Sumo Wrestler Part 1


Want to become good at sumo wrestling? This is a new type of sumo artwork that captures the image of girls learning sumo, rather than women's sumo, from a sexy perspective.

First of all, there are many things you must do before putting on the mawashi. It is not something that a new apprentice can easily put on. For such inexperienced individuals, regular sports attire is more than enough!! If you aim to become a female wrestler, wear sports attire that clearly shows you are a girl and work hard!! We will give you training, so don't hesitate and come at us!! We will examine your weak body carefully and train you thoroughly!! Be prepared for it!!!!!

After training, let's move on to practice. However, it is still too early for you to wear a mawashi. Perform your exercises in that sports attire!! Your level still does not satisfy us. Among women, there is pride, so we expect a different expression than during training!! Through training and practice matches, you will understand how harsh sumo can be!! The hardship is also one of the attractions. If you become captivated by its charm and work hard, we will allow you to wear a mawashi someday!! But first, you need to wear sports attire...!!!

The movements of the shiko lead directly to practice!! Embarrassed? Don't worry about your groin and other areas!!!! Lift your leg slowly, open your legs firmly, and take a stance. Otherwise, you won't become stronger!! Show it well!!!!!

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