BKHS-02 Waist Destruction SPECIAL 2


A promising young female wrestler receives a brutal beating centered on intense arching techniques, leaving her baptized in pain! The targets this time are Noka Sato, a wrestler with natural good looks and fighting sense, and Megu Mizumori, a cool new female wrestler with a large bust. This is a must-see!

The match focuses on inflicting real "lower back damage," and the attacks are all related to this area! No matter how flexible a woman's body is, if she is continuously attacked in this way, she cannot endure it! If a wrestler who usually uses her flexibility as a weapon is defeated and forced to submit, it becomes even more humiliating...!! This production features a highly anticipated rookie wrestler with exceptional flexibility and fighting sense! She becomes a sacrifice to the fanatical followers of this worldview...!! Once you watch it, you may become addicted...!!

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