BLSE-01 Loser Swimsuit Stripping Deathmatch Babyface vs Heel Edition 01


A special edition of the "Loser Swimsuit Stripping Deathmatch" featuring a babyface vs. heel matchup has arrived! However, the outcome won't necessarily be good triumphing over evil! In addition to the classic heel storyline of dominating the babyface, there will also be an ending where the babyface bullies the heel! And to make things even more interesting, this will all happen in the same match, leading to humiliation for both wrestlers!

The traditional babyface vs. heel storyline is no longer enough for the "Loser Swimsuit Stripping Deathmatch"!

In this match, the concepts of good and evil are blurred, as the mischievous beauty Miyu Sakuraka appears as the heel, emphasizing her role with a Hannya mask on her arm. Meanwhile, the powerful girl Mugi Shinonome enters the ring as the babyface. Sakuraka uses weapons as a matter of course, while Shinonome not only uses traditional moves, but also occasionally steals Sakuraka's weapons and uses them against her. Don't miss this match, which turns the traditional babyface vs. heel dynamic on its head with both wrestlers experiencing defeat and humiliation!

Both babyfaces and heels will experience moments of humiliation, as their dignity is stripped away along with their swimsuits and their self-esteem is shattered...

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