BX-55 FightingGirls INTERNATIONAL 01 Commemorative Special Match YUE vs Minami Saya


Soft and hard!! Clash of the heavyweight frontline!
A prelude to the title match of a woman who symbolizes BWP and a woman who left BWP!
A fierce battle where their determination clashes!

YUE: An absolute charisma that reigns over the industry. Although slender, her flexible limbs possess a variety of skills that are all beautiful. She is an icon that has long led the industry, but once showed an intention to retire from live fights and observed from afar. However, upon learning of BWP’s crisis, she decided to return to the ring! Get drunk on the highly anticipated commemorative special match for the fans!

Minami Saya: Despite her short career, she quickly rose to the top fighter frontline as a talented individual! Seeking strength, she continued to fight against the BWP regular army as part of the revolutionary army. However, through her battle with Kawasaki, she announced her departure from BWP and moved to FGI by surprise! Her mentality of pursuing victory by any means necessary is that of a wild beast! She is becoming a seismic center that shakes the industry as a heel warrior!

A grueling five-match battle!
The highly anticipated two will fight fiercely!

At the FGI01 event, both will challenge each other for the BATTLE Heavyweight Title. Minami achieved a remarkable feat by defeating Kawasaki at the NEXT06 event, which caused a stir, and announced herself as a worthy opponent to fight against YUE, the charismatic figure. The two make for a good contrast as Minami attacks without hesitation with her fighting style, while YUE uses her diverse techniques to draw the flow of the match towards her despite receiving attacks. They will produce a great battle! Regardless of the outcome, they must fight at least five matches! Watch this emotional and dynamic epic match!

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