FGV-35 Fighting Girls 7 Mix Fight & Image YOSHIMOTO Miki


A genuine fighter who passed the pro wrestling audition!! Combat actress Asaki Yoshihara!!
A new fighter appears in the mixed fight of "Fighting Girls 7" on May 4th, 2013!! She is Asaki Yoshihara, a genuine combat actress who has passed an audition for a certain pro wrestling organization!! This video maximizes her charm, showcasing her beautiful and slender appearance through two professional wrestling matches against male opponents and image recordings!!

Beauty and sex appeal on full display!!
With a slender body that stretches out, and a well-structured face, she appears cool, but also shows her cuteness in outdoor and shower scenes. This video is packed with Yoshihara's charm!!

Two matches against male wrestlers are included!! Showing off her fighting spirit!!
A new fighter from FG has appeared!! Asaki Yoshihara, a beautiful and slender actress, has a background of passing an audition for a certain pro wrestling organization, and is also a contemporary of FG's ace player Hitomi Aragaki. This time, she moves to the FG and stands shoulder to shoulder with them!! Yoshihara, who has already been decided to participate in the LIVE of "Fighting Girls 7", will have two matches against male wrestlers as a preliminary match!! How will she fight against strong male opponents...!?
Expectations are high for this beautiful actress!!

We, the Fighting Girls, declare that we will return to the origin that fans desire, and separate ourselves from past performances!!
"Beautiful women wearing wrestling costumes, fighting with wrestling techniques, and determining the winner and loser." There are many catfight events, but is that really what fans truly desire? Is fighting in outfits that are nothing more than women's self-indulgent clothing, and playing around with laughter what fans want? Is a comedy-centered event where it's okay as long as they can keep the audience entertained what fans want? No, fans do not desire such things. What they want is to see wrestlers wearing outfits that show their body lines, fighting hard even if it is clumsy, and always having a clear conclusion, isn't it? Don't they want to see it up close? We, the Fighting Girls, declare that we will return to the origin that fans desire, and separate ourselves from past performances.

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