FGV-40 Fighting Girls Volume.7 2013.5.4 THE TURNING POINT


On May 4th, 2013, the “Fighting Girls 7 The Turning Point” was completely recorded, marking the end of the FG tournament and the beginning of a new phase, with the addition of new gravure idols and super-talented fighters. FG has evolved even further! The spectacular appearance of beautiful fighting women is revived in video. From here on, their new legends begin!

May 4th, 2013… Fighting Girls 7 The Turning Point!!

Opening Match – Heaven or Hell: Runa Amamiya vs Ai Hana
Amamiya debuted in FG6 and has since been making a name for herself. As the FG representative, she takes on SSS’s top fighter, Ai Hana. Will Hana dominate and crush Amamiya, or will Amamiya win and defy expectations? This high-tension match is suitable for FG7’s opening.

Second Match – I repaint the past: Jun Fairy vs Maki Yoshihara
Yoshihara was unable to debut as a professional due to injury. Can she shine once again in FG? She faces off against Fairy, who has been unable to win a live performance and is determined to win in front of her fans. Who will paint over the past and grab hold of their own path?

Third Match – Idol Showdown: Saki Yoshida vs Yuko Narita
Both fighters make their FG debut in this match, but Narita has already achieved the impressive feat of defeating Sakuraba, a strong fighter in SSS. On the other hand, Yoshida has received training from a former female professional wrestler, and her potential is very high. Using their fans’ cheers as strength, these women begin their journey as idols.

Semi-Final – Judgement Day: Hikaru Arayama vs Hitomi Aragaki
After defeating Aika Ando in FG6, Aragaki demanded a match against Hikaru Arayama. Arayama, who is already considered the FG ace, initially refused the match. However, after the DVD match with Aika Ando, Arayama suddenly agreed to the match with Aragaki, and it was hastily scheduled. Arayama, who is part of the “Cement Faction” that has supported FG since its inception, faces off against Aragaki, who is backed by high technical skill and a “Pro Wrestling Faction.” Which one is the true ace? The judgment is about to be handed down.

Main Event – FG Queen Prelude: Nana Kunimi vs Aika Ando
Kunimi, who has achieved her long-cherished title and is at the height of her power, faces off against Ando, who is currently one of the most complete fighters. Although this is a non-title match, it serves as a prelude to the title match. Kunimi cannot afford to lose this match, and wants to crush Ando until she loses all hope of challenging for the title. Ando, on the other hand, has finally overcome her adjustment problems from FG6 and her true strength has returned. Let’s not forget that she is an “active female professional wrestler.” If she can regain her form, she will climb to the top. In FG6, the fans…

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