BNGM-05 Next Generations MIX Vol.5


Model-like tall beauty, Ema Kuritani, challenges male opponents in MIX fight!

Ema Kuritani, a slender model-like figure with a tall stature of 174cm and long limbs, and a perfectly toned body, makes her debut! Blessed with good looks and physique, how far will her skills hold up against tough male opponents? Kuritani is taller than her male opponent and has a well-trained body from her workouts...

But being tall and fit isn't enough!!
A model-like beauty with a toned body in a MIX fight!!

However, in pro wrestling, just being big and fit doesn't guarantee a win! Kuritani learns the harsh reality of battling against male opponents. But she doesn't give up and manages to take advantage of her opponent's weakness and turns the tables with her long limbs. Even when attacking or being attacked, Kuritani's beautiful model-like body is captivating to watch! Will the tall beauty, Kuritani, be able to win her debut match? Or will she be defeated by her strong male opponent?

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