BTPT-09 BATTLE Topless Tournament 3rd Final Match


G Cup Big Breasts vs. B Cup Flat Chests: The Final Battle!!"

It's finally the championship match of the Topless Tournament, where the winner is granted the not-so-desirable right to be topless forever. However, Yuria Tsukino, who has a suspicion of being an exhibitionist, wants that right. If she doesn't win, she'll be fired from the Naked Battle Federation. Her opponent, Ichika Hayano, used to compete as "Anna Uno," but she has completely forgotten about that persona and changed her ring name for a fresh start. However, she is unexpectedly ordered to participate in the Topless Tournament. She is hesitant to become permanently topless, but she wants to win and be recognized. The final battle is also a showdown between the G Cup big breasts and the B Cup flat chests, with both sides having their own intentions. What will be the outcome of the match?

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