BXB-10 Sexy Costume MIX Battle volume.10


A sexy and erotic older sister is dressed in an erotic costume and puts on an erotic fight! In the year 2015, the Rookie of the Year was decided, the Extreme Tournament began, and a new star appeared on the BATTLE mat as the B-1 Tournament approached. Yui Kyono is an erotic and sexy older sister fighter with a slightly adult atmosphere. Boldly dressed in a T-back costume, she shows off her cleavage and T-back buttocks while fighting! Her debut match at BATTLE is a mixed match against a male wrestler. Kyono shows off her sexy body by pressing her buttocks and bust against her opponent and tries to win with her captivating fight that leaves male wrestlers speechless! However, she's not just about being erotic! She's also a skilled fighter who has trained in big moves like the Brainbuster and the Corbata. Can she execute them in the match? However, it's a match against male opponents with different body types and power levels. If she gets caught by their power, she'll be attacked one-sidedly. Can Kyono really win this match? The Sexy Erotic Eye Prostyle MIX 10th installment features the appearance of a sexy older sister who is also expected to participate in the tournament! Her costume this time is a shiny red T-back with a bondage-style enamel material that is very sexy! This series is not only enjoyable for those who love watching prostyle MIX fights, but also for those who enjoy an erotic perspective. The curves that are formed when the body is bent, the V-line, the cleavage, and the exposed buttocks are all highlights! Don't miss out on the hot and beautiful battle of the perfect sexy older sister, Kyono!

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