BJAT-02 Female Pro Wrestlers Fight for You 02


The bond and feelings formed by fighting together as a player and second... Would you like to support a female professional wrestler who fights for you?

Even in the midst of battle, there are passionate gazes exchanged... Of course, it doesn't mean that the player isn't focused on the opponent in front of them. It's because you are there... Because they want to draw strength from you... Because they want to win for you... And the player's gaze isn't only directed towards their own second. Sometimes, they send a challenging gaze to the opponent's second while executing a technique... Let's witness the dramatic development that symbolizes that the fight is not only carried out by those who stand in the ring!!

Hina Sonoda fights for you.
You are the second. Accompany the player, support them, encourage them, and watch over them. Let's support her from your point of view, as someone who has shared joys and sorrows with her.

Yume Mione fights for you.
Please watch over her with your gaze, as someone who knows her sweet gaze towards you and strong and tough fighting spirit towards the opponent, and knows when to switch them on and off.

The two players participating in the second match are Hina Sonoda, a beautiful sister-type woman, and Yume Mione, a cute little girl-type beauty. Will you watch the match as one of their seconds? Or will you indulge in watching both of them as seconds...? That's up to you! Either way, why don't you watch the hot and intense battle of these beautiful women with passionate eyes...!

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