Shinnohana vs Suzuya Ichigo

The dream match is happening now. The queen of combat sports and the lucha libre star put on an incredible show in this divine match!!

The ultimate match, the best match...!! This is the "super rare" series that can only be made possible by the high-quality and completely guaranteed old-school BATTLE!!

We offer historic matches and important matches that can only be born at this moment!! This is a must-have item that manias cannot speak without watching!!

The best battlefield where the most powerful players are fighting.

Suzuya Ichigo has been active since her debut as an excellent lucha libre fighter. She also participated in the BWP01 debut show and received great support from the audience who saw her live, growing into a rare fighter who is trusted regardless of winning or losing with her solid technique and excellent physical abilities. On the other hand, Shinnohana is a martial arts fighter with a background in judo, and is now in the middle of making a huge impact at BATTLE as a fierce fighter known only to those who know. This fight is a super battle between two real fighters!!

Achieving the impossible with incredible techniques!

Shinnohana, who challenged for the BWP title, was defeated by YUE in a close match. Disappointed, she took action by attacking YUE after the match and decided to join FGI. The tide has turned for BWP vs FGI, and the one who was chosen to defeat Shinno was Suzuya Ichigo, who had honed her skills. This up-and-coming prospect is aiming for a victory. The match features ultra-technical battles, such as the Burning Hammer, which hasn't been seen in years, and moves like Corbata and Cristo, which were thought to be impossible for women to perform against each other!! This is a clash between power and ground game versus lucha libre's killing techniques, with the meaning of BWP vs FGI included!!!!

This is a one-on-one match of the soul!!!

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