BVSC-02 Battle vs CF×FC: Pro Wrestlers in White Swimsuits 2


Incredible Rookie's Skills, CF×FC in Big Trouble!!

The battle player is struggling against CF×FC's Sakisaka, but Battle continues to use rookie player Okita Rio for the second match, not a top player. However, this player was not an ordinary rookie! Despite it being her debut match, Okita already had a commanding presence and extraordinary skill! She expertly wielded powerful moves and sadistically inflicted damage on CF×FC's high waves! High wave screamed in agony and twisted her face at the unexpected strength of Okita's debut performance. However, to prove that CF×FC is the strongest, she cannot show any weakness! High wave also demonstrated various techniques that she had never shown before in her home ring! The rookie Okita, with her overwhelming destructive power, and the high wave, with her exquisite defense, provide a transcendent match that crosses the boundaries of groups!

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