BW-02 BWP Battle World Pro Wrestling Vol.02


Selected female warriors showcase the power of the new organization's second wave!! Proof of a group that surpasses FG.

It's a 2-out-of-3 falls match with 1 fall per match!! You'll be shocked by the intense fights!!

Fighting Girls may have been created solely to give rise to this organization. It's not FG led by Rocky Yamashita, but rather BATTLE, the holy land of fighting, that has created the super fight of Battle World Pro Wrestling (BWP). The rules of the fight are three out of five falls. A genuine fight with both good looks and high-quality performance. That's what we are looking for!!

BWP follows the format of FG and was created with the goal of evolving even further. In other words, it must surpass FG!! The skills of the two female warriors who will compete in this match as BWP athletes are not to be underestimated!! They will engage in high-level, dynamic movements in a fight that is overflowing with excitement, as well as a deeply and spectacularly developed attack and defense that is unique to recorded matches!! The extremely high quality of the match embodies just how amazing BWP is!! A must-see epic match for fans!!

Is the fighting spirit of the new organization's matches different?
Maririka and Nonomiya Misato. These two may clash again in the future when they have grown into even greater talents...!! They are both players who are overflowing with talent and are expected to be active in the future. Like the great players and legends who have thrived in FG, they have demonstrated exceptional talent from their debut, and their exciting fighting style is at a level that can be fought in person. The excellent visuals and intense, passionate fighting style are the essence of BWP!!!

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