BW-05 BWP Battle World Pro Wrestling Vol.05 A New Resolution


BWP's all-or-nothing rule!!
A rookie beauty takes on the B-1 champion head-on!
Perhaps the Fighting Girls were created for the sole purpose of forming this organization. Not the FG led by Rocky Yamashita, but the ultimate fighting organization, BATTLE, produces the super fights that make up Battle World Pro Wrestling (BWP)!! This time, BWP is a one-on-one match!! With an unrelenting tension that cannot be regained, the substance of the fight gradually becomes thicker!

BWP's true value is being tested with the appearance of a rival!!
Get stronger to compete against other organizations!!
The fact that the organization FG International, founded by former FG warriors, has sent out a message that could be interpreted as a declaration of war, has shocked BWP!! With the appearance of a rival organization, we must develop new talented rookies and prove that BWP is superior to FG International!! This match is very important for future battles!! Aim for learning new techniques and the evolution of the fight!!

Brutal enough to shed tears!!
The battle between the beautiful wrestler Chino and the super gorgeous fighter Hinami Madoka is beautiful and glamorous from any angle. However, it is not just about appearances; they engage in a passionate match full of emotions!! Despite being a rookie, Chino bravely takes on the B-1 champion without hesitation!! At one point, she sheds tears of frustration, but her unwavering determination is admirable!! A must-see match!!

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